1. Driver’s cab windows

✔   vertical and horizontal sliding windows
✔   motorised windows


✔   electrically heated, DSG and ESG, upon request VSG glazing, colourless or parsol green
✔   “pane in pane”-system sliding windows

2. Passenger compartment windows

✔   tilt windows
✔   sliding windows


✔   DSG and ESG glazing, in custom colours
✔   “pane in pane”-system sliding windows and tilt windows
✔   sliding windows with glued, fixed bottom pane or in common frame
✔   tilt windows with handle, lock, or square lock

3. Bus/coach WC and sleeping compartment windows

✔   in angular or curved design

4. Special products

✔   windows for partition walls, inner doors, and tellers k
✔   according to the needs of the client


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