Metal 99 Ltd. has been serving the Hungarian industry since 1991. Our dynamically increasing and expanding product portfolio is capturing both the domestic and the international markets. We have strong relationships with significant transport companies, such as BKV Budapest Transport Corporation, MÁV Hungarian Railways, and many other Hungarian transport companies. The window and door constructions designed by our company make public transport more secure and attractive.

Our activities mainly cover the production of doors and windows for rail-guided railway vehicles and buses, but we also deal with the production of parts for public transport vehicles, and the production, repair or even renovation of stairs and handhold structures.

In addition to that, we are also making our mark in the fields of metal structure production and repair, light metal constructions and part machining. Our locksmith activities include welding works and sheet processing. With our state-of-the-art grit blasting machine we also undertake quality cleaning and protection of metal surfaces using solvent-based surface protection and powder colouring.

Our service and production activities are carried by our 120 employees in about 4400 m2, therefore we have the opportunity to satisfy retail orders in addition to the industrial orders.

The production and repair of electrical installations, as well as the distribution, professional support and servicing of Hanning & Kahl electric railway switches, brake systems, switch controllers and signalling equipment have also become independent business units.

In the international market, many cabin, commercial vehicle, horse trailer, and ski lift producers choose our vehicle windows and doors. Our customers and suppliers include well-known European industrial companies, such as Sacatec, Stadler, Noyens, KML Miller, VanHool, and CWA.


We are proud that our company was awarded the Q1 supplier classification of MÁV Hungarian Railways in 2015, certifying our reliability and quality guarantee.

The demand for our products can only be satisfied by a continuously developing company, therefore our production site was expanded by a hall of 1000 m2 in 2015, enabling the production of up to 4,500 to 5,000 door wings. Our production is supported by an innovative design team consisting of highly qualified mechanical engineers and production engineers. Our sales team also plays an important role in our success, and the number of our sales colleagues has doubled since 2008. The company’s continuously developing machine fleet, and the team of qualified professionals, can realize almost all ideas matching our company profile.

Metal 99 Ltd. is one of the most important medium-size companies of the Hungarian industry. Therefore we place special emphasis on social responsibility, especially the education of professionals and students, and we cooperate with technical universities, as well as actively participate in community life.

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