Products Metal 99 Ltd. has built up the production of their original products based on the experience gained from vehicle renovation and repair carried out for domestic transport companies, as well as on its customers' demands, and today it is present both in Hungary and abroad.

  • Doors

    Lightweight, compound aluminium doors in flat and bent design, with proprietary aluminium and rubber profile system, in designs and sizes customized for customer demands.

  • Windows

    Our company has been present in the vehicle window market for more than 20 years. In the field of vehicle window production, we initially dealt with window renovation. After 2006 we introduced our windows based on our original construction in both Hungarian and European markets.

  • Hanning & Kahl GmbH

    In 2010 we were granted exclusive distributor and qualified series repair status with regard to the products of Hanning&Kahl company, in the field of renovation, distribution and assembly of railway brakes and switches.


Services The scope of our services covers almost all areas of metal processing.

  • Production and repair of electrical installations

    One of the strengths of our company is electrical installations on railway vehicles (electric switches, relays, roof resistance, starting and stopping resistance, various braking and switching coils, magnetic coils) and the production and repair of those parts.

  • Welding

    Our company has many years of experience in the field of welding of aluminium, carbon steel, and stainless steel (AWI, MIG, MAG), and we attach high importance to continuous development and observation of international requirements.

  • Sheet processing

    Our blacksmith workshop of about 800 m2 floor space is equipped for the processing and bending of sheets of various shapes and sizes, and is suitable for the production of all different types of parts.

  • Machining

    Owing to the large capacity of our modern machines, we undertake orders in many areas of metal machining, such as lathe machining, milling, and face grinding.

  • Grit blasting

    Grit blasting is essential for the development of a clean metal surface, used as a first step in vehicle window and door renewal, and renovation of electrical equipment.


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